the harmonic balance between one’s own sense of truth, character and inner grace backed by outward virtuous conduct.

Mastering this delicate balance of alchemical alignment is a garden that is in constant evolutionary flux, must be tended to daily, watered and witnessed with purity of purpose—and will forever and always be an inside job.

Using phenomenal quantum-field technologies and the Hawkins Scale of Consciousness as vital and transformational tools, all events at the Graceline Institute aid individuals, families, and businesses in transcending conflict, crisis, limiting beliefs, and static blame.

With direct experience, sensorial engagement, and brain re-entrainment, we create flexibility in both body and brain in order to engender responsibility in both personhood and higher purpose.

This work is personal and exploratory. We are not telling participants what to believe, but are helping them better evaluate and evolve their own beliefs—igniting an inner commitment to the skill of truth seeking itself.

Staying on this self-discovery edge is where we find our Graceline—that existential sweet spot (also known as the Tao or middle way)—found between harmonizing one’s own sense of virtue, values, character, and core identity, with that of the Way we choose to walk in the world. It is the path of self-monitored virtue and high-consciousness action.

This is the balanced representation of self to both inner and outer action; this is being at the midline to right reciprocity, to harmony with self, society, and the seasons. Alignment is an inside job. And no one knows whether or not you are aligning to your highest truth but you.

In Taoist tradition it is believed that all certainty, rigidity, or forcibly dogmatic bond to belief, brand, or “set ways of being” creates a dangerous vulnerability—because what does not bend is liable to break. To be conscious is to be open and always changing; to move in the world like bendable light, a living body of water, or a hollow reed—to take all that comes your way and be able to transcend it with ease and grace. This is how we are in right relationship with All That Is.