Since we are the only creators and keepers of our virtue—and thereby solely responsible for our ability to act in the world as vessels and purveyors of virtuous conduct—doing self-development work that liberates us from inner and outer conflict is the best way to assure that we are valuable members of the informed electorate and more effective participants in a socially-just society.

This means that we take full responsibility for the ways in which we contribute or don’t contribute to corrupt, catabolic, or failing systems. How are we, ourselves, actively or inactively participating? How are we pulled or swayed by apathy? Trauma? Tragedy? Consumerism? Competitive comparison? Conflict? And how must we self-correct in order to elevate our individual and collective evolution?

Based on the electrical and illuminating effects of evolutionary thinking/being, we now know that when a thought leader, political leader, spiritual leader, social “influencer”, artivist, or activist advances to a higher way of relating, not only does it change the calibration and consciousness of how they interpret or express data, but it vastly amplifies the effects of their morphogenetic field—which means that these progressive leaps spread as effortlessly as the life-enhancing rays of our sun, rippling into the bio-fields of all whom are “in relation” to that evolving being.

Thus, when we truly transform ourselves, we successfully “evolve all involved”—meaning that we raise the proximal field of everyone that we know just by being a better version of ourselves. So instead of our mission being about inventing the next big app, immunization, or empire, if we were to instead focus on doing enough of our own self-development work that we are truly neutral and unconditional in our love of self/planet/other, then we are vastly serving the planet in quantum, sonic, and biochemical ways. For when we raise the wattage of our own being, we create constructive rather than destructive bio-fields; we serve rather than seize resources; we are a life-enhancing rather than life-consuming cell in the greater organism; we feed rather than bleed the collective unified field of humanity.

We must each become the possibility of the truest republic. We must be the art. We must investigate and we must participate. We must be the trusted source of new media and an elevated electorate. We must be the healthy hive securing for our own selves, a clean and vital food supply. And we must do this by taking full inventory and unyielding responsibility for the part we play in every broken system. This is what elevates the quantum field to a tipping point of securing a true and lasting change—that of a transparent, truth-seeking, and fully-responsible citizenry.