The Tao of Truth: A 30-Day Journey to Liberate from Lies & Align to Your Graceline of Truth (TOT30) is a self-development workshop/book/film project created by Mickaela Grace where participants willingly agree to tell nothing but the truth for 30 days and start that 30-day clock over if they omit or stray from the truth. The TOT30 Challenge is akin to a “Liar’s Liberation Diet” that helps individuals take deep inventory of their core belief patterns, their lying type, style, and emotional motivation, their relationship to conflict, etiquette, authority, resources, media, marriage, global politics, the environment, and consumerism.

When training people to be more forthcoming, what surprised me was that getting them to tell the truth was only 20% of the problem at hand; however getting them to be willing and able to receive the truth (i.e. training them to be open to criticism, compliments, feedback, new data or diverse opinion) was 80% of the obstacle. So I began to teach the artful act of being undefended—which is the practice of approaching relationships and communication from an open and unguarded frame of mind. Here we learn to set aside the need to convince or be right and aim instead to be malleable, curious, and vulnerable.

This challenge also includes the support system of an assigned “Accountability Partner (AP)” (similar to an AA sponsor) who is a participant from another city (and often another race, gender, or socioeconomic status) in order to maintain confidentiality while broadening perspective. This equal partnership provides an active practice of being emotionally deep, honest, and intimate with a stranger from a different walk of life—with neither person holding a position of authority over the other.

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