GRIDshare Clinic

An elevated biohacking experience for self-healing, greater breakthroughs, higher harmony, and bigger dreaming.

A restorative group healing clinic to release trauma, mental patterning, and trapped emotional memory tied to any life event.  

A Substance-free System for:

  • Resetting personality
  • Overcoming emotional hurdles 
  • Boosting metabolism & immunity
  • Mastering mood management … from the inside out.

Where sound healing technology, breathwork, “MoveMed” (Movement as Medicine), shamanic ceremony, and reverberating group energy intersect for a r/evolutionary experience you won’t forget!

Your GRIDshare Experience Includes:

  • Spiritual Science & Emotional Intelligence Training – understand what you do & why you do it to biohack your body + soul to live life at your happiest + healthiest.
  • Breathwork & Mixed Media Meditation (fractal film + quantum sound healing) – achieve higher states of consciousness without plant medicine to clear trauma/memory and events that no longer serve you (*no meditation experience required; come as you are and leave as whoever you dream to be).
  • MoveMed (Movement* as Medicine) – usher your body through a forgiveness and freedom process that gives way to the ultimate manifestation and momentum of a chosen dream (*no dance skills required).
  • Advanced Pattern Tracking & Applied Kinesiology – rapidly release emotions, beliefs, and memory so that you no longer attract a repeat of negative relationship dynamics, conflict or unwanted outcomes.


Email to inquire and secure your spot.

Registration ends on June 8, 2022.
Local accommodation recommendations available if needed.

Saturday, June 25, 2022
12:00pm – 9:00pm
Park City, Utah

$333/person when two register together

*Past participants receive a discounted rate of $400/person.

** Receive a $50 credit toward any Graceline Institute event or private session when you refer a friend.

[Payment Plans and Private GRIDshare clinics are also available]

Don’t take our word for it!

Hear directly from past GRIDshare participants:

Thanks for an amazing experience at the Graceline workshop in Park City. All the facilitators were awesome. I loved the beautiful collaborative group healing energy I experienced throughout the day. The information part was so interesting and good at relaxing my left brain to prepare for what was to come. The group healing sessions were stunning. I found a lot of benefit from the fractal meditation and breathwork. What an honor to be a part of this fabulous group. I look forward to attending the next one!” 
– Kathy M.

“I’ve been a long-time meditator and Qigong practitioner but have never experienced anything like Gridshare’s multi-modality group healing event. It was surreal. Out of body. Oddly familiar. Extremely informative on the intellectual side and extremely growth-oriented and eye-opening on the spiritual side. I felt a connection and energy through the group dynamic that I can still tap into to this day. I came to terms with deep subconscious and conscious aspects of my relationship with my mother through others. I felt a deep sense of purpose… to become and embrace the teacher/healer in me that I’ve always known is there. I felt on fire. A quiet fire. A fire born from feeling the connection to not just everyone there, but everyone and everything. Everywhere. It was uplifting and inspiring, solidifying my haphazard trajectory through life in a way that is indescribable.”
– Dash O.

“I was pleasantly surprised with the experience as a whole. It was an amazing experience with a group of people that came together to assist each other in a profound healing experience. As if we had been put together intentionally. I am looking forward to the next experience. It was very healing for my husband and I. We felt a sense of calm and peace for days after and are looking forward to learning how to maintain that daily. Very safe space. Loved it all.”
 – Michelle H.