Mickaela Grace

Teacher, Healer, Artivist

Mickaela is the founder of the Graceline Institute, an emotional intelligence (EQ) and spiritual sciences school devoted to human transformation and environmental artivism (art activism).

With 25+ years of experience in natural medicine, meditation, and consciousness coaching, she has trained in 34 traditions spanning 5 continents, offering artistic encounters with unified field theory, thought leadership, neuroscience, epigenetics, and original EQ curriculum. Walking hundreds of miles of traditional Camino (pilgrimage) while using breathwork to achieve a (substance-free) altered state, Mickaela films fractal geometry at sacred sites around the globe to create nature-based fractal films and sound files that induce brain/heart coherence at her live events. Her private work combines a unique style of intuitive pattern-tracking, shamanic ceremony, sound healing, kinesiology, esoteric acupuncture, Taoist and Tantric philosophy, quantum physics applications, and more.

She gnostically believes we are meant to bow to no outward master, healer, leader, parent, pill, nor politician, but should find mastery over self, making each individual a healthier cell in the wider organism of humanity—all in deep devotion to earth stewardship and social justice.

Mickaela is also a performance poet and filmmaker and is currently completing a research/film/book project on corporate and personal transparency, demonstrating the inherent physical and immunological benefits of speaking and receiving the truth.

See The Tao of Truth (TOT30) for more information.