3M + Fractal Film Experience


elicit a powerful platform for self-healing. Combining specific breathwork techniques (for higher alkalinity and immunity) with artful and other-worldly fractals displayed on the walls, a very intentional subset of colors, images, movement, EQ intentions, music, frequencies, tones, and poetry are blended to induce a very unique state of trance. This is a hypnotic shift in consciousness achieved through an altered brainwave that requires NO use of drugs or alcohol—allowing the body and mind to go into a sort of chrysalis, like a pregnant pause, where we can take any dataset of disorder and move it into higher order (emotionally, physically, intellectually, energetically, electrically, immunologically).

Fractals are mathematically complex repeating patterns that embody universal order. They are visual representations of the golden mean ratio revealing the vibrational formula animating all of nature, life and the cosmos. Within the smallest part (i.e. one molecule of water or one cell of the human body), we find a data-set that represents the whole (the health of the whole body of water or the whole human body), and within the whole, we find the same elements and dynamics at play when we reduce down to the smallest part. 

When working with simultaneous breath, brain, and heart coherence allowing the visual cortex to take in these high-vibrational and sound-based datasets, a pregnant pause for spontaneous healing is induced—wherein a deeply nourishing system override can occur. This present moment acts as a metronome of “higher order”, letting us re-link, re-sync, and harmonize with a more balanced version of our own morphogenetic (EMF) field. We are beings of light, sound, electricity, and magnetics moving together in repeating patterns; so what better way to “level up” than to use these foundational elements as a blueprint? We suddenly remember our innate ability to move disorder back into order—meaning our consciousness can override past programs, habits, thought forms, memories, traumas, catabolic emotion or destructive addictions. And we can enhance not only vitality, detoxification, organ function, and neurotransmitter production, but also manifestation, visualization, creativity, productivity, and overall happiness—all created from the inside out! 

We can literally upgrade our core operating system (deinstalling the old and installing the new) to “grid up” without any mandate to bow to an outside authority. We are simply re-membering ourselves back to the whole as a vital member and part of the wider and bigger organism of humanity. This is a very powerful “flow state” achieved on one’s own unified and r/evolutionary path toward self-autonomy and self-mastery.

Incant. Entrance. Enhance. Advance.

A NOTE ABOUT THE ARTWORK: These mixed media films include original artwork, poetry, medicine songs, and images captured (and edited) by Mickaela Grace from natural altered states or at holy sites around the globe while walking Pilgrimage, trance dancing or meditating with nature.

This visuals come from LIVING imagery for high-impact quantum potentiality—meaning that no fractals are produced from manmade CGI or computer generated images. They are sourced from living animals, dancers, energies or elements, sacred sites, or powerhouse events for the sole purpose of creating a state of union and communion with the self and the natural world. For example, if you are witnessing fractals of water, it might be from Niagara Falls, the world largest negative ion generator for amplified electrical engagement, or from hundreds of miles walked on pilgrimage to the headwaters of Delphi and the palace of Athena in Greece, or from underneath a sacred Buddha statue where thousands of years of prayers have danced along highly-revered riverbanks, ley lines, or worshipped waterways. These images are packed with purpose, ceremony, and clear EQ intention while filming (leading trance from trance) and are then amplified even further energetically when Mickaela adds additional brain-wave altering layers in post-production. The Bridge11 and Graceline team of Artivists (art activists) achieve a state of trance before dancing, singing, or capturing so that we move as ONE LIVING ORGANISM–  coherent and unified in our mission to not only lead trance from trance but to create direct-experience art that acts as code key or gateway—letting viewers draft off of these achieved altered states. Our state is achieved by our deep bond and love for nature and one another. So think of this as a paint by numbers process. You follow the mathematical steps of another until the artist’s paintbrush feels at home in your own hand. 

In post-production, Mickaela adds even more vibrational, technical, and electromagnetic layering that may include solfeggio frequencies, crystal or Tibetan bowls, cutting-edge Spiropathix sound transmissions (to disinvite certain pathogens from weakening the ecological grid) and more. Some film files break down catabolic and destructive datasets or memory while other files are intended to amplify the anabolic, constructive states that one is trying to achieve—all to help us “GRID UP” in geometry and higher harmony. 

It’s an epic ride! Join us as one of us. In laterality and universality— Much Light! m.


To begin. To beg in. To begin. To beg in. To begin again.

Re vision. See again. Re member. You’ve always been “with”.          

Begin again. Begin again. Breathe in.

Color choice. Sound choice. Image choice. Landscape. Place. Element. Moment. And you. It all matters. These harmonic layers are helixed together to create the lattices of THIS VERY EXACT PERFECTLY WELL- ORDERED MOMENT WE ARE MEANT TO HAVE TOGETHER (i.e. where we experience true murmuration—where, like a school of fish or flock of birds, what appear to be singular cells actually move coherently and collaboratively as ONE UNIFIED UNIT OR ORGANISM) then we re-member ourselves to be a vital feather in the same winged bird. We are well organized with higher order, bio-available energy, coherence, symbiosis, and alignment with greater synchronicity.

A quote from Mickaela Grace speaking about one of her fractal films entitled “Seeded Potential”:

“A stillpoint.perceptive.patience is required. To watch one singular seed or one singular feather for a whole hour until it teaches you something. Until the mind foregoes its chatter and can just Be in this very moment with this very seed. And when The Way is made for this great teacher, for this tiny seed that is so very deeply alive with missionary life to become your friend, well then a great gnostic cohesion begins. Because it already gnows exactly what it is for. And what it will soon grow to be– mapped and fluid within its dormancy is it’s whole soulular sole purpose. Just as a feather gnows exactly from what bird it came, there is a blueprinted.temple.gate as great map just resting in the pineal.seeded.You ready to be cracked open into great.flighted.fluidity. Every seed dismantles itself on the way to becoming it’s destined tree or flower. And so too, shall we. Unwinding and unbinding from name and game and shame, to simply become One with The Way—so an entire hour or evening with these simple seeds and shells and feathers, as gnostic teachers, reveals within us the great revelation of self-teaching.  They know where they came from and thus can exchange a shared approximation of this very moment for all of us to together gnow where we are going– thereby there is this great, ecstatic, reordering. The seed is a part of you and you the seed—the unpacking and refinement and re-attunement of potentiality.” – Mickaela Grace


Higher Electricity = Higher Immunity.

Very easily and rapidly achieved through alkalinity!


We must understand the science of stress in order to truly establish herd immunity. Neuroscience research on human potentiality reveals the following facts:   

  1. 90% of all hospital visits are stress related. 
  2. Stress (emotional or chemical) weakens electricity in the mitochondria of the cells and the morphogenetic field (the larger electromagnetic field housing multiple hard-drives of data (emotional memory, mental thought forms and programs, genetic code/predisposition/beliefs/programs, etc.) acting as an ozone layer around the body constantly sending and receiving signals/data). When the electricity of the cells goes weak, it creates an ecosystem that invites pathogenic invasion. 
  3. So weakened electricity = weakened immunity. 
  4. So ALL physical illness first begins with a weakened biome from a high toxic load (chemicals, thought patterns, patterning/personality, mood/emotions, any disordering of the electrical grid). 
  5. 23+ min of proper breathwork = alkalinity in the blood (creating an eco-system where NO VIRUS, no bacteria, no parasite nor cancer cluster can thrive). 
  6. Thus – the combination of Meditation, Breathwork, and Emotional Intelligence Training boosts mood, electricity, immunity, organ function, neurotransmitter production, and the protective lasting power of BIOCHEMICAL HAPPINESS. 

Technology, business, and thought leaders at Google, Apple, Facebook, etc. are leveling up with biohacking trends in altered states of consciousness to increase creativity—but those same skillsets can be used to increase IMMUNITY. And we do it DRUG FREE as a vital emergency offering to our community using DIRECT EXPERIENCE INTERACTIVE ART (Fractal Films, Podeos, Live Events) + BREATHWORK + GRACELINE GRIDSHARE MEDITATION AND EQ ENHANCEMENT.

“Harmony is just another word for strong geometry. Strong geometry leads to higher harmony”.  Mickaela Grace

“With greater humility comes greater receptivity. With higher receptivity, higher humanity.” Mickaela Grace

“I decided, and so, I became.” Mickaela Grace