AVE: Hemi-Syncing + Brain Entrainment


Private sessions available with machines or group fractal films. Email us at workshops@gracelineinstitute.org to inquire.

Audio-Visual Entrainment (AVE) is a technique that utilizes pulses of light and sound at specific frequencies to gently and safely guide the brain into various brain wave patterns for inner re-ordering. According to brain researcher and Delight Pro Inventor, Dave Sievers, this cutting-edge, drug-free, non-invasive approach to mental alertness, function, and potentiality is vital to accessing our own innate abilities to rewire our lives. 

By altering brain wave frequencies, we can immediately boost our own mood, improve sleep patterns, sharpen our minds, enhance learning and athleticism, better train for any skillset, release stuck or static emotion, and increase levels of relaxation and meditation. AVE also increases overall organ function, cell transport, immunity and brain health by increasing cerebral blood flow and stimulating beneficial neurotransmitter production (such as serotonin, norepinephrine, and powerful endorphins).

These AVE devices have been shown to be beneficial to the process of helping and healing the following:  

  • Anxiety and Depression
  • Mood and Emotional Trauma 
  • Inflammation and Pain
  • Sleep Disturbances 
  • Concussion, Brain Injury, Memory Loss
  • Hormone or Neurotransmitter Imbalance
  • Meditation Aid
  • Alertness and Focus (without the use of external stimulants)
  • ASD pattern training for increased focus, reading comprehension, and social engagement.
  • Breaking and Training New Habits
  • Athletic Performance (training muscle memory with light and sound conditioning)
  • Trance State, Hypnotherapy, and Creativity Enhancement


When the brain perceives stress, it shunts cerebral blood flow away from the cortex, into the body core to prepare for fight or flight. This was an advantageous evolutionary adaptation for our ancestors to help them run from predators in the wild, but no longer fits with our present-day needs. We endure a different kind of stress. And we must thereby seek new forms of self mastery over that stress. 

Because of fast paced living, reliance on immediate and external gratification (and the brain now longing for new stimulation every 6 seconds because of screen dependency and other data and addiction habits), our systems can often pendulum swing from a lethargic state of brain fog into chronic states of overstimulation (leaving a person more distractible, impulsive and hyperactive). This behavior, in turn, impairs one’s ability to function, thus increasing stress at both extremes of the pendulum swing. AVE has been shown to produce dramatic increases in cerebral blood flow, neurotransmitters, dissociative states, efficient brain activity and sound mental health. AVE has also proven itself helpful to training the body, brain, and mind to overcome habitual states of anxiety, worry, or stress-chemical production.

MindAlive machines and software sessions have been thoroughly tested and employ the most current research findings to ensure effective results. The sessions on the Delight Plus are supported by research articles applicable to Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), stress reduction, sleep problems, improved mood, mental sharpness and balance (reduced risk of falling) in seniors, and reduced worry plus improvements in concentration and memory in college students. The Delight Plus sessions also include our proprietary randomization process, which helps encourage dissociation and enhance the entrainment process for breaking old habits and instilling new Ways of Being (WoB) while on your journey into higher states of emotional intelligence, consciousness, and soulful service. 
Mind Alive Inc. has been designing and manufacturing mind enhancement products for 30 years, and has conducted extensive research in that time, continually revealing new applications for this ground breaking technology. Click here to read Dave Siever’s research article on AVE and Anxiety/Stress.