The main focus of this work is to increase your emotional intelligence. Like an athlete training for peak performance, this might take some educational rehabilitation and focused conditioning. Initial sessions are 3 hours long and follow-up sessions are 2 hours long. Rates vary based on length/location/culture.

It is important to avoid loud music or crowds immediately following a sound session, especially if you are receiving an AVE, CES, or “whaling” session on a sound machine.

Preparing for a session: Once you book a session, you have set the intention for change, and thus, change begins. The momentum tunnel of your morphic field is now set by the trajectory of you beseeching this level of healing, and thus, whatever is ripe to be healed will often get activated in order to draw attention to core wounding or outdated programming. You may notice heightened emotion or an amplification of patterns and triggering events. This is a great sign… it means ceremony has already begun.

It is often helpful to prepare for a session with some stream-of-consciousness writing. This may or may not include jotting down stories, reoccurring conflicts, relationship dynamics, persistent complaints, unhealthy habits, or limiting views that you often find yourself repeating. It may also include taking note of life events, past relationships, or physical ailments that feel unresolved as well as current stressors, crossroads, stuck emotions, or impending decisions. Existential crises, coincidences, and conundrums are always welcome too…