FRACTAL FILMS, 3M (mixed media meditation), PODEOS (poetry videos), SPIROPATHIX SOUND FILES , AVE (Audio-Visual Brain Entrainment), PRIVATE COACHING, PILGRIMAGE , + more.


We are a consciousness school on the side of life. We want you awaken. And to be at your absolute best. The earth is quickly changing and we see humanity as a winged thing about to take flight into the next wave of existence. You are one feather in that one.hearted.bird, one vital cell in that wider.awakening.organism and we need YOU. 

We are a sober services institute offering pharmaceutical-free ways to reduce stress while increasing self- awareness, service, and higher happiness. Specializing in spiritual sciences, self-healing, experiential art, and human potentiality (enhanced intracellularly via the broadening of emotional intelligence), our long-term mission is to increase notions of equanimity and earth protection—and we do so by aiding in the advancement of every human.

We train emotional athletes. And what we know to be true is this: When we are out of our own pain and suffering, we have more fuel, potentiality, and a higher harmonic bandwidth to better serve each other, the planet, invention, and global r/evolution. We want you to become a more informed member of the electorate. We want you to fully access your every gift. And our curriculum (offering sovereignty via full responsibility) as well as technology for heart and brain coherence is an all-natural way to level up.

Mixing advanced EMP technology, sound and vibrational modalities, breathwork, r/evolutionary art encounters, 5 styles of original meditation and interactive fractal films, dance, pilgrimage, workshops, private coaching and more, our mission is to enliven the inner Artivist in you into stronger soulwork.


Step one in this process is to decrease stress and catabolic or destructive toxic loads in the body and the electromagnetic field surrounding it. This stress can be pathogenic, toxic, chemical, emotional, mental, geopathic, genetic, etc. and in the process of deinstalling memory or event from the field, we also help rewire the body for positive emotionality and receivership (i.e. being “undefended” in the receiving of feedback, conflict, perturbation, or evolutionary pressure to evolve our way of thinking and being). 

In addition to training emotional athletes with our EQ, Meditation, and Fractal Film and Podeo Programming, we also incorporate the help of Spiropathix sound and AVE technologies.

We fuse our own original sound, poetry, lecture, guided meditation, fractal, and film files with AVE devices (created by research pioneers at MindAlive) and powerhouse vibrational tones from Spiropathix to break down old habits, relax or reset the nervous system, set new neural pathways, and support the immune system against distortion, interference, or infection.

These machines can be used singularly or in large group settings with 3D wall mapping tech, sound and film files from Graceline Founder, Mickaela Grace to rebuild harmonic accord and EQ-heightened neural pathways.


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