Spiropathix Sound Support

Private sessions available for a personalized and direct experience with these pattern-breaking and self-healing support tools. Downloadable SPIROPATHIX files are also available for at-home-use.

Email us at workshops@gracelineinstitute.org to inquire.

Spiropathix audio experiences apply quantum field theory to the practice of self-healing. Using a proprietary database of sound waves developed to promote optimum energy balancing and vibrational attunement, these sound files allow weakened areas of the EMF field around the human body that have fallen into states of disorder to organize themselves back into a state of relaxation, repair, or higher order. When blended with breathwork, meditation, AVE (audio visual entrainment devices) and other technologies or experiential artforms such as Podeos (poetry videos) or 3M (fractal mixed media films) from Graceline, these vibrations allow us to take administrative authority over healing—helping us to usher out our catabolic emotion, habits, addictions, negative belief patterns or pathogenic stress while experiencing higher harmony, geometry, electricity, efficiency, immunity, and productivity.  

Tones can be transmitted through a cell phone, computer, home theater system, or other audio device you already own. Or can be experienced at our institute in singular or larger group settings using combined technologies. 

No, this is not a Rife system, although the vibrational concept may have some similarities and outcomes may be equally effective. Spiropathix does not use Rife frequencies, plasma tubes, or electrical currents to transmit vibrations through your body and does not require that you purchase expensive Rife devices. 

Be aware that recordings may sound discordant rather than relaxing, as tone combinations are designed for vibrational intensity and transmutation of energy rather than for musical quality and pleasurable listening.


Spiropathix recorded tones, solfeggio frequencies, MindAlive AVE technologies and 3M fractal films created by Mickaela Grace as part of the Graceline, Bridge11, and Spiropathix Artivist collective are intended for meditation and not medical purposes. Though this artwork is based on spiritual sciences and unity field mechanics, we encourage all users to take full responsibility for themselves on their personal healing journeys and to approach these powerful support tools in a way that is manageable to their own integration process. These frequency and brain wave altering experiences aim to move patterns of disorder into greater order using higher states of heart and brain coherence but experiences may vary based on the individual.  

On a quantum level, these frequencies and visual geometries correspond with energy patterns, emotions, and thought-form dynamics that can alter the brain wave and calm the nervous system in natural and supportive ways for meditation, relaxation, and EQ inspiration (replacing catabolic/destructive ways of being, thinking, and feeling for anabolic/constructive flow states that increase vitality and higher harmonics. Spiropathix, Bridge11, and the Graceline Institute do not intend, claim, nor guarantee any specific outcome from experiencing, viewing, or listening to these meditation tones and visual art forms.

Use of these artistic approaches to self-development work in the sphere of human potentiality indicates your commitment to joining a mass consciousness in service to love, joy, compassion, gratitude, personal harmony, responsibility, and empowerment. We encourage you to use your own intuition counterbalanced with elevated discourse and a healthy reliance on your reason as well as a solid dose of common sense when approaching any new philosophy, practitioner, modality, or self-development tool or process. You are the expert on YOU. We are a sober services institution applying spiritual sciences to interactive art forms and thus, it is important that you enter into these experiences being of sound mind and body. 

Spiropathix, AVE machines, whaling experiences, fractal films, 3M mixed media meditations, PODEOS, and live performance art from Bridge11 or Graceline Artivists incorporate a proprietary database of sound waves and original art forms/works/files developed by this team to promote optimum energy balancing and vibrational attunement. Spiropathix files, solfeggio frequencies, medicine songs, mantras, Tibetan bowls, original music and original poetry is enhanced with scientific technologies and layered into the artwork encounters. Although the vibrational concept may have some similarities, these experiences do not employ Rife frequencies, plasma tubes, or electrical currents to transmit vibrations through your body, and thus do not require that you purchase expensive Rife devices. 

Spiropathix, Bridge11, and the Graceline Institute do not provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Recorded materials are for information, meditation, and energy balancing purposes only. Always seek the advice of a trusted physician or other qualified health care provider should you have individual medical concerns along your journey as these recordings are not intended to be a substitute for professional diagnosis, treatment or medical care.