Renowned thinker and researcher Dr. David Hawkins created a way to test the sound, light, and electromagnetic waves coming off of the morphogenetic field of the human heart when someone is thinking, emoting, or creating. He could now accurately and systematically measure positive from negative, power from force, and truth from falsehood. Using that data, he created a logarithmic scale (from 0-1,000) called the Hawkins Scale of Consciousness, advancing the science of kinesiology. It is now widely used to track the wattage of energy, power, and intentionality (i.e. the degree of emotional intelligence and the degree to which intentionality turns into potentiality) emitted from every human, invention, piece of art, business, church, book, political movement, etc. based on it’s subsequent morphogenetic field.

His lab work revealed the devastating fact that 85% of the human population registers at a homeostatic set point of 200 or below on the scale (out of the potentiality of 1,000), which means that most of us are stuck at a developmental level that drains kinetic resources from the planet and weakens the electrical output of the mitochondria of our own cells—meaning that 85% of us operate from an unsustainable home base of guilt, shame, blame, vengeance, and the “right-versus-wrong” mentality of a “kill or be killed” or “victim/perpetrator” society—which is highly unsustainable to the human organism and the delicate ecosystems of our planet.

Hawkins was able to take this sad fact and show how artists, activists, and thought leaders were able to move humanity forward during times of conflict. Applying Einstein’s theory that we can never solve a problem with the same thinking that created the problem to begin with, Dr. Hawkins reported that huge advances in human consciousness occurred when one cell of the wider organism (i.e. one human acting on behalf of the whole species) is willing to move up the scale kinetically and electrically to lead the way toward higher discourse—meaning that they matured themselves consciously, emotionally, and biochemically as a means for advancing all life in proximity to that personal field.

For example, rather than staying in dualistic and antagonistic relationships to others, leaders like Gandhi and Martin Luther King were able to transcend the language of the oppressor by moving beyond defensiveness and attacking rhetoric. In a world where we often invade countries and kill people in order to teach tyrannical leaders that killing their own people is wrong, these great civil rights leaders got out of that Rashomon and set aside pride and the warfare of old ways in order to embody a new way of being. One organism aligning themselves to a higher-consciousness leads to a replication of cells in the unified field of others, where eventually, there is a tipping point toward higher civility. But it takes the ability to transcend an “attack and defend” mentality in order for higher reparation and replication to occur in the collective consciousness. And each choice offers the opportunity for cellular and evolutionary change.

For example, if a police officer is hitting you and you hit back, (based on his >200 thought patterning), he internally justifies his own behavior when hitting you, and so, he doesn’t evolve. However, if inspired by Dr. King’s artful position of non-violence, you decide to be courageous enough (250+ on the scale) to not hit back, (and in this day and age face the reflection provided by hundreds of cameras and bystanders), that evidence puts a mirror up to the officer and through the evolutionary force of perturbation, catalyzes the opportunity for him to evolve his intelligence.