By powerfully blending spiritual and scientific approaches to human development with a strong emphasis on artful direct experience, our curriculum empowers individuals to bow to no master, no doctor, no healer, nor outside authority figure while on the path to higher health and happiness. This means we encourage you to transcend limiting views of duality (i.e. victim vs. perpetrator, hero vs. villain, or good vs bad constructs of inner and outer animosity) to shed catabolic emotion, story, and memory from every cell in the body—thus promoting enhanced immunity, community, and productivity. We are here to help you drop story. Period.

This holistic approach to human evolution creates a stronger electrical grid to the unified quantum field—making each of us a more devoted steward of the environment and a more informed member of the electorate.

We aid fellow humans in the process of finding their own Graceline— that nexus point where our highest inner truth aligns harmonically to outward virtue and fully-responsible conduct.

This is the 3-act arc of human development (based on the Hawkins Scale of Consciousness) that helps us achieve unity-field coherence:

1. CONSCIOUSNESS (transcending duality) (<200 HSC)

We drop catabolic emotion, personal story, animosity, and hero vs. villain narrative in order to transcend the binary binds and dangerous decay of duality.  (shaming, blaming, gaming, complaining, fear/anger/animosity/anxiety, etc.)

2. EQUALITY (achieving neutrality) (= 300 HSC)

Taking full responsibility = achieving an internal and external sense of neutrality (i.e.: I am neither inferior nor superior, neither more important nor less important than any other person, organization, or organism) = true bio-electric neutrality and equality on all 4 layers of the EMF field (upgrading the actual stored on physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual servers of the field).

3. ECOLOGY (embodying unconditionality (+600 on HSC)

When we have deep acceptance and unconditional love for self, we can now offer that same level of harmonic coherence to the outward ecosystem (people, planet, organism, or organization). We walk lightly in the world and leave no trace. Like solar panels efficiently donating back to the grid, our consciousness alone is kinetic and efficiently feeds vitality back into the surrounding environment. There is no division, but only union and communion with All That Is.


Our mission is to “Evolve All Involved”. And since we are the only creators and keepers of our virtue—and thereby solely responsible for our ability to act in the world as vessels and purveyors of virtuous conduct—doing self-development work that liberates us from inner and outer conflict is the best way to assure that we are valuable members of the informed electorate and effective participants in balanced ecosystems and social justice.

This means that we take full responsibility for the ways in which we contribute to corrupt, catabolic, or failing systems. How are we, ourselves, actively or inactively participating? How are we pulled or swayed by apathy? Trauma? Tragedy? Consumerism? Competitive comparison? Conflict? And how must we self-correct in order to elevate our individual and collective evolution?

Based on the electrical and illuminating effects of evolutionary thinking/being, we now know that when a thought leader, political leader, spiritual leader, social “influencer”, artivist, or activist advances to a higher way of relating, not only does it change the calibration and consciousness of how they interpret or express data, but it vastly amplifies the effects of their morphogenetic field—which means that these progressive leaps spread as effortlessly as the life-enhancing rays of our sun, rippling into the bio-fields of all whom are “in relation” to that evolving being.