the harmonic balance between one’s own sense of truth, character and inner grace backed by outward virtuous conduct.

Mastering this delicate balance of alchemical alignment is a garden that is in constant evolutionary flux, must be tended to daily, watered and witnessed with purity of purpose—and will forever and always be an inside job.

Using phenomenal quantum-field technologies and the Hawkins Scale of Consciousness as vital and transformational tools, all events at the Graceline Institute aid individuals, families, and businesses in transcending conflict, crisis, limiting beliefs, and static blame.

With direct experience, sensorial engagement, and brain re-entrainment, we create flexibility in both body and brain in order to engender responsibility in both personhood and higher purpose.

This works helps students:

  1. Release stuck and static emotion, toxic narrative, animosity, illness, depression, and electrically damaging stances of duality.
  2. Reset the mood, metabolism, adrenals, attitude, and overall endocrine system while increasing emotional intelligence to advance human relationship.  
  3. Link body, mind, and spirit coherence in order to achieve higher happiness, creativity, productivity, and advanced forms of discernment, inner gnosis, and intuition.
  4. Get to the root of thought patterns and emotions tied to illness, pain, or ailments with brain re-entrainment tools for releasing trapped story from the cellular tissues of the body.
  5. Apply EQ teachings and spiritual sciences to direct-experience art encounters for greater unity.field.coherence. In an imaginative and tactile way, our GridShare meditations and interactive art encounters let students share electrons and toroidal fields for higher heart harmonics and greater visionary states while also calming the nervous system in transformational ways. 

This work is personal and exploratory. We are not telling participants what to believe, but are helping them better evaluate and evolve their own beliefs—igniting an inner commitment to the skill of truth seeking itself.