EQ & Meditation Retreats

Graceline retreats help you track your own narrative, find catabolic patterns that cause repetition– and interrupt them. Our retreats are broken into 6 Modules (to be taken in succession) of original curriculum to increase our emotional intelligence, body intelligence, and even a higher quotient for truth, kindness, grace, IQ, and gnostic wisdom from mystery schools.

Our original fractal film meditations for resetting the vagus nerve and clearing catabolic memory are gleaned from walking hundreds of miles of Camino at sacred sites around the globe to gather sound and electromagnetic technology that liberates consciousness. When mixed with our style of advanced breathwork and memory resolution techniques called MoveMed (movement as medicine), you are equipped with r/evolutionary tools to free yourself and build identity from the inside out.

Big and immediate changes to personality and emotionality happen at these retreats. Because we keep it simple. But we also use the amplifying signals of a larger community to better know thyself and free thyself—letting each of us become a healthier cell and much needed, vital, feather in the greater bird and shared organism of human consciousness. 

—this lets us better use our energy for greater service, long-lasting happiness, larger community, stronger ecology, and higher humanity.

Module Series
  1. RELEASING | EQ Emotional Intelligence Quotient
  2. REFRAMING | BQ Body Intelligence Quotient 
  3. REBIRTHING | TQ Truth Intelligence Quotient
  4. RECLAIMING | KQ Kindness Intelligence Quotient          
  5. RE/COMPASSING | IQ Intelligence* Quotient (*related to our Ecology Curriculum based on Gnosticism + Mystery School wisdom)
  6. RE/MEMBERING | GQ Grace Intelligence Quotient

Year-Long EQ Cohort includes in-person Module 1-4 or Modules can be registered for one at a time.


September 7-10 | Park City, UT | Releasing (Module 1) + Reframing (Module 2) *combined 4-day retreat – Register by August 18

September 14-17 | Park City, UT | Rebirthing (Module 3)


October 4-6 | Ojai, CA | Summit Sleepover (Mickaela Grace will be leading multi-day immersive sessions on “The Science of Sound”)

October 7-9 | San Diego, CA | Releasing (Module 1)


November 10-12 | Malibu, CA | Releasing (Module 1)


December 8-10 | Los Angeles, CA | Reframing (Module 2)

December 30 – January 10 | Egypt | “Being the Living Temple Tour” REGISTER HERE


February 29 – March 3 | Park City, UT | Rebirthing (Module 3)


March 8-10 | Los Angeles, CA | Re/compassing (Module 5)