MODULE 5: (KQ) Kindness Quotient

An Emotional Intelligence + Meditation Retreat

“Compassing” Identity Intrinsically // Kindness + Ecology

  • Level up with the final geometries and refining the field by joining our GOT30 Truth Challenge
  • Gnow thyself through best “embodiment” of your gifts and talents—through group reflection and exploration, build yourself up as an engimatic living technology for the benefit of all of humanity—this means we are going to collectively amp our your advanced intuition, pattern tracking, “transduction” and service skills. Communication, frequency, speed and efficiency is key. 
  • Align to your highest self and soulwork (in greater service to family, community, ecology, and humanity). 
  • Make Art! – all experiential portions of this module will include sacred geometry and mystery school artistic exploration into movement, mathematics, metered verse, pineal graphics, poetics, advanced fractal film mechanics, advanced partnered pilgrimage, and MORE. No art skills required.