MODULE 2: (BQ) Body Intelligence

An Emotional Intelligence + Meditation Retreat

Module 2 of 6 In-Person Intensives

*As part of Graceline’s Year-Long EQ Cohort. Participation in Cohort is not required to register for this retreat.

Reframe Events to Find the “Good Lesson And Good Medicine” from Any Stressful Moment.

Now that we’ve stabilized the ES (Emergency Services) hard drives of the 6 EMPEGS system (Electrically, the the vagus nerve is reset and Spiritually the holes to the EMF are sealed with soul retrieval).

Let’s level you up by focusing on tracking postural patterns, aches/pains/physical ailment, and most importantly, all the emotional and mental patterns that magnetize unchosen outcomes (based on unified field theory).

Unbind from all Events Using the Body as Good Instrument

This module includes an extension of your EQ fundamentals as well as learning how to: 

  • Increase your “BQ” (Body Intelligence Quotient) with pattern-tracking skills using self-analysis, shadow movements, muscle-memory activation.
  • Learn MoveMed (Movement as Medicine) techniques to increase pattern-clearing skills.
  • Use DIY Kinesiology (muscle testing) for inner investigation, pattern-tracking, emotional clearing, “belief upgrading”, clarity, and better decision making. 
  • Become a master “pattern tracker” by understanding geometric complexities created by memory, events, genetics, beliefs, and static emotion. Here you will learn about either/or extremism, finite thinking, frontloading spacetime with expectations, the dangers of anxiety and depression, contrary beliefs, genetic inheritance, faulty self-esteem, relationship dynamics that are magnetically on repeat—and even cultural adoption of contrary programming.
  • Track your core operating software! – including your unique “master-program loops” that are complex coping mechanisms causing unwanted outcomes. When we make decisions at a peak reactionary moment, these choices are meant to help us survive a trauma and “master life”—but because they are programming code made at a moment of trauma, they are born of the same EQ frequency and wattage of the wounded state—so instead  of helping us master life, the pattern masters us—and we become enslaved to the repeat of event, outcome or relationship dynamics. This is magnet mechanics! Come learn to interrupt it with EQ/BQ awareness!
  • Learn to focus/track/clear the legacy debris on the Mental, Emotional, and Genetic hard drives to be truly free from destructive narrative. Learn how to “drop story”. Period.


JULY 14 – 16 , 2023 | LOS ANGELES, CA Register by June 16, 2023

$1,444 / person or $777 / person (if referred by past participant)

Friday – Saturday: 10am-9pm, Sunday: 10am-1pm


$1,222 / person or $1,888 / person (if combined with Park City Module 1, Sept 7-8)

Saturday – Sunday: 10am-9pm

Venue address is sent upon registration.


Retreat Module 1 (Releasing) is a prerequisite for Retreat Module 2 (Reframing). Participates must have attended Module 1 before attending Module 2.

Contact to register.

$1,444 / person

Note: If you are registering as part of the Graceline Year-Long EQ Cohort, your registration fee is included. Interested in learning about the Year-Long EQ Cohort? Please email us at

Full refunds available up to 30 days before event. Non-refundable after (but credits offered for medical emergencies).