MODULE 1: (EQ) Emotional Intelligence

An Emotional Intelligence + Meditation Retreat

Module 1 of 6 In-Person Intensives*

*As part of Graceline’s Year-Long EQ Cohort. Participation in Cohort is not required to register for this retreat.

Learn To Release MESS (Memory/Emotional Energy/Stuck Story) from the EMF Field To Become Fully Self-Reliant

This is a r/evolutionary emotional intelligence (EQ) course to lay down the fundamentals that allow you to “biohack” the body in ways that immediately clear trauma, events, and catabolic (destructive) emotion or belief patterns stuck in the tissues of the body and the EMF field.

This includes techniques for interrupting reactionary patterns and habits.

Learn how to: 

  • Reset the vagus nerve from extremism and flight/fight/freeze/appease responses that cause inner and outer conflict and repetition.
  • Clear family of origin and parent-child dynamics that can trickle into all other parenting, romantic, and work-related relationships—causing repetitive conflict, fatigue, illness, habit, addiction, or lack of chosen outcome. 
  • Learn non-verbal systems for going beyond talk therapy to finally and fully be done with your own catabolic stories and memories. 
  • Stabilize organ and power systems in the body as you become your own best friend, advocate, healer, and BS detector. 
  • Create an inner sense of adulting that is so rock solid that no person, place, or thing can knock you off center from your inner gnosis and identity.



Saturday – Monday: 9am-8pm (Sat & Sun); 9am-12pm (Mon)

NOVEMBER 10-12, 2023 | MAILBU, CA

Friday – Sunday: 10am-9pm (Fri & Sat); 10am-1pm (Sun)


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Note: If you are registering as part of the Graceline Year-Long EQ Cohort, your registration fee is included. Interested in learning about the Cohort? Please email us at

Full refunds available up to 30 days before event. Non-refundable after (but credits offered for medical emergencies).