A 6-week Internal Odyssey for Enhancing Emotional, Intellectual, Spiritual + Physical Fitness

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Led by Mickaela Grace + Dr. Jessica Gage + Certified GridShare Faculty

Ignite your life with a sustainable whole-system reboot for a healthier lifestyle. This deeply impactful and guided process includes spiritual advisement, meditation, scientific systems for holistic living, homeopathic endocrine system restoration, powerful writing exercises, and ceremonial group process work to clear belief patterns, memory, and emotion from the cellular tissue of the body. This helps participants melt away toxins in order to take inventory of the unmet needs and emotional narrative behind certain habits.

It also jumpstarts natural weight loss while resetting the metabolism and clearing imbalances that cause depression, anxiety, chronic pain, food allergies, digestive problems, and sleep disturbances.

This is a supportive and simple way to liberate oneself from past conflicts or negative thought patterns—all while boosting energy levels.


WEEK 1: Imbalances | The Science of Stress

  • Endocrine science behind cleanse

WEEK 2: Inflammation | The Science Behind the Biome

  • Emotional ties to health

WEEK 3: Intention | The Power of Thought Propulsion

  • Productive vs. pollutive thinking

WEEK 4: Integration | The Power of Moderation/Manifestation

  • Soul mastery over body reactivity

Our cleanse involves 3 weeks (21 days) of homeopathic endocrine system reset cleansing (see details below) with our signature EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE (EQ) coaching and group training followed by 1-3 weeks of metabolic stabilization. 

Though participants lose an average of 1 lb. a day in a natural and safe way, weight loss is a happy side effect to this holistic spiritual cleanse designed to: 

  1. Release stuck and static emotion stored in adipose tissue. 
  2. Reset the metabolism to enhance exercise regimens and to better manage the stress
    chemicals produced by emotional conflict and fast-paced living.
  3. Reset the mood, adrenals, attitude, and overall endocrine system while increasing
    emotional intelligence and teaching skills for enhancing human relationship.  
  4. Link the body, mind, and spirit to advanced forms of discernment, inner knowing, and
    intuition. Get to the root of thought patterns and emotions tied to illness, pain, or
    ailments. Tools for finding trapped story in the tissue and graduating beyond it.
  5. Use a group setting to create a greater support system and a greater electrical field for a certain style of meditation. PLEASE try to attend every meeting because the meditation process amplifies the cleanse process. Group Meditation is Where the Magic Happens.

This circle is bound by confidentiality and participants agree to hold the utmost respect and integrity for this ceremonial circle.

This cleanse is all about gentle self care and moderation. Most cleansers experience high energy levels while cleansing and can even keep exercising. But the greatest benefit comes from releasing all of the trapped toxins (emotions, memories, pesticides, pathogens, preservatives, past conflict, chemicals, and heavy metals) stored in the adipose tissue as we convert stored fat into fuel using homeopathic tinctures. And with group process work, daily writing prompts, breathwork, and meditation, this cleanse offers life-changing spiritual, emotional, and intellectual benefits as well. 

This is not a diet. And our chief concern is not weight loss—but rather evolutionary growth of consciousness, compassion, self-care, and emotional intelligence.

No information included in this cleanse represents medical advice or replacement of medical care and participants assume full liability for participation.


Upcoming Group Cleanse

Full-System Reset + EQ Cleanse, led by Mickaela Grace

Group Sessions: Wednesdays @ 8:00pm – 9:30pm ET *

May 18, 25, June 1, 8, 2022

*Virtual Only


Download the Pricing + Registration form HERE. Please email the completed form to workshops@gracelineinstitute.org to register for an upcoming cleanse.