Walking traditional pilgrimage (also known as “walking Camino” or “walking The Way”) is an ancient devotional practice where a truth seeker turns their inner journey over to the mystical synchronicity and larger order of All That Is. Usually walked alone or guided in a synched-up group setting, it has been noted for thousands of years that the art and act of declaring one’s intention to go on any sort of “walkabout” often stirs at the forces of the miraculous.

Across ancient ascension traditions (Taoism, Gnosticism, Catharism, Shamanism, Sufism, Hermeticism, Tantra, and more), it has been believed that when we set intention to grow our consciousness, change our story, gnow ourselves (as in gnosis) or heal ourselves by setting a concrete date, time, country, soundscape, landscape, sacred site, holy land, pathway, or purpose into place, then ceremony and synchronicity begins

Walking Camino is about the powerful and creative act of transmuting the old with the momentum tunnel of a great unknown in order to dance with a trusted and truly unified present. When we make a bold and declarative decision to pack a bag and head to new lands for an unknown outcome—(following that “inner need and seed to simply go and see”), then we tap into the wider ocean of all that Is, and are agreeing to be redirected by the magic and motion that is already all around. This is like a moment of improv dance. We simply find, that with no effort, we are partnered with something bigger and braver that begins to move us rather than us moving it.

This kind of dance with the universe can reenvision us, redirect us, inspire us, restore us, reengage us, and surprise us. The simple act of setting aside the mind, engaging in the moving meditation of the body, and fully and completely trusting the spirit in union and communion with a greater sphere of organized energy, allows the mystical to find us, fund us, and unfold within us. 

Setting time aside to be on any journey with the great unknown, present or uncomfortable with new surroundings and new people, surrendering oneself to the road itself, having no plan, and allowing symbols, miracles, synchronicities and participatory energies to intermingle with our own inner landscape is one of the greatest thrills the human experience can provide.

It is truly the hero’s journey. Not to work against the elements and prove oneself, but to turn oneself over to the elements and join forces, in greater communion, with an organized field that is far bigger and better and benevolent than we could ever imagine. 

Whether pilgrimage takes you to old roads you see for the first time, through cities, countries, hometowns, holy sites, sacred sites, national parks, wide seas, remote ruins, great world wonders, inner landscapes, or daily astral soundscapes, we encourage you to GO GET LOST. Because it is a gnostic way to up your potentiality of BEING found. 

Microdose this ancient form of inner development work with a “witness walk” or moving meditation, a guided encounter with a trained EQ coach for an all-day excursion, or a more advanced week-long workshop connecting with the land, higher self, and our heart-coherent community.