On-Going EQ-8 Emotional Intelligence Series

Fusing consciousness coaching, yoga, meditation, exploratory movement, live sound healing, and guided emotional release work into one course curriculum, this signature series from Graceline helps students release old narratives, traumas, negative habits, and stuck emotion while learning ways to heighten happiness, creativity, intimacy, intuition, and immunity. Through empowerment, direct experience, deep breathwork, spiritual lecture, and partnered meditation, here we learn to take full responsibility for our histories in order to take full creative reigns over our present potentiality.

Applying cutting edge research in quantum physics, neuroscience, and epigenetics, here we learn to easily transcend dualistic conflict, catabolic emotion, or repetitive patterns in a visceral and immediate way.

This series is currently running in the summer of 2020 at our Nantucket Studio and will begin again in Fall 2020 in Boston, Connecticut, and NYC.

FALL 2020 SCHEDULE | Nantucket Island + Virtual | Sundays, 4:30-6:30pm


EQ-1 | Shaming & Blaming: transcending humiliation, rejection, abandonment to be free from right-vs-wrong, victim-perpetrator perceptions of reality


EQ-2 | Gaming: transcending power struggles and ego games to be free from competition, comparison, conflict-creation & image-crafting.


EQ-3 | Complaining & Gaming: transcending negativity, gossip, judgment, justifying, excuse-making, & permission-seeking


EQ-4 | Fearing & Testing: transcending terror, anger, resistance, & resentment while releasing trauma & narrative on a cellular & soulular level.


EQ-5 | Accepting & Forgiving: the rewards of full responsibility & the serenity of surrender

EQ-6 | Receiving & Truth-seeking: embracing the Art of Being Undefended: how to turn criticism, conflict, and change into good medicine


EQ-7 | Restorative Joy & Kinetic Kindness: embracing the choice to be happy as a r/evolutionary act of immunity & creativity. *Special BAB Yoga (Brick & Baggage Yoga) to release blocks to happiness).

EQ-8 | Manifestation & Meditation: elevating oneself to a higher sense of purpose, peace, and power using meditation/manifestation tools


Teaching theme rotates weekly. Out-of-sequence drop-ins welcome.

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Finding Your Graceline Weekend Retreat

Secure Higher Happiness through Emotional Intelligence

NANTUCKET ISLAND | October 2-4, 2020

Escape to Nantucket for autumnal inner alignment. Join us for a transformational EQ weekend where we learn to let our outer landscape activate new potentials in our inner landscape. (Both in-person or virtual pilgrimage is possible)

Drop narrative, emotion, history, pandemic panic, and catabolic toxicity with advanced spiritual teachings and state-of-the-art services, including:


  • Original Graceline 3M (Mixed Media Meditation) FRACTAL FILM EXPERIENCES. This is a (drug-free) breathwork-based art encounter that induces deep trance for the release of illness, emotion, and trauma with no talking. Any energetic disorder is taken back into order on a quantum level. NOT TO BE MISSED. 
  • Emotional Intelligence Training + Pattern Tracking with Mickaela Grace
  • Tibetan Bowls and Sound Healing with Joanna Roche
  • Hot Power Yoga + Personal Training + Aromatherapy with Triathlete Terry Walsh. 
  • Powerful and Transformational Partnered Pilgrimage + Process Work to bring synchronicity and the mystery into your daily practice. A profound and ancient art. 
  • Shamanic Mask-Making + Fire Ceremony – a visceral life-altering experience in the gnostic art of “I am discourse” to drop story and intrinsically embody new identity. 
  • Immune-Boosting State-of-the-Art Far-Infrared Sauna + Negative Ion Light + 78Salt Chamber for breaking patterns, killing pathogens, healing addictions, shifting mood, chelating chemicals, losing inches, and speeding up injury recovery.

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