Bridge11 Art Crew

Performance Art

We are a diverse performance art crew dedicated to educating audiences on issues of equality and ecology through direct and interactive improv art encounters. In order to increase emotional intelligence, we fuse the traditional film-going or gallery experience with live improv art (dancing, painting, film-making, sculpting, singing and spoken word) that is altered at each event by the particular audience gathered to engage with our work. We use solfeggio frequencies and quantum- and morphic-field technologies to activate the 5 senses in a deeper way, allowing participants to calm the nervous system, alter the brain wave, activate the pineal gland, and stimulate dormant and innate, unified intelligences while also releasing stuck emotion or personal narrative. This primes the human field for a deeper shared experience that better initiates transformational and devotional action.

Our Crew

One could say we are diverse. To look at us separately, you would find a straight one, a gay one, a bisexual, a Christian, Taoist, Rastafarian, Mormon, scientific agnostic, Spiritualist, Zen Buddhist, Irish, American, Jamaican, Haitian, Tongan, French, black, white, red, brown, tan, pasty pale, star-gazingly undecided, genetically republican, free-thinking independents or a few debatable democrats and patriotic ex-patriots–until the unified field between us entwines–
  and then,
  as always,
  and in all ways,
  we are One.

Mickaela Grace
Travis Babcock
Kylie Bronk
Anthony King

  • Jeffrey Louizia

  • Jesse Sykes

  • Peiter Mortensen

  • John Sotele

  • Tristan Grey

  • Tonga Lavulo

Our “Artivist” Mission

As Artivists (art activists), our aim is to “show rather than tell” that every species, race, and nation on the planet is interconnected and reliant upon one another for evolutionary survival. Offering live ceremonies that merge direct transmission of consciousness with direct experience and increased emotional intelligence, together we explore themes of gender and race equality against the backdrop of animal rights, ocean & pollinator protectorship, and the preservation of voting rights, a free press, and humane foreign policy.