Founder, Artivist, Filmmaker

With a background in natural medicine and consciousness curriculum, Mickaela Grace is the Founder of the Graceline Institute, Bridge11 Productions, and the Grid21 Teen Art Hub.

Offering artistic encounters with unified field theory, thought leadership, neuroscience, epigenetics, and emotional intelligence, Mickaela Grace has 25+ years experience as a teacher, corporate consultant, filmmaker, writer, and performance “Artivist” (Art Activist) dedicated to human transformation.

Her spiritual journey began as a small child and after earning degrees in Literature, Secondary Education, Critical Cultural Curriculum Development, Somatics, and Native American Studies, she traveled the world to train with master elders in over 32 traditions.

As a Taoist devoted to truth-seeking itself, she has walked hundreds of miles in traditional gnostic pilgrimage along the Cathar and Gnostic roads of France, Spain, Italy, Ireland, Scotland, as well as ceremonial power paths in Kenya, India, Nepal, and even high Poland peaks with Wimhof.

She trained in vast Shamanic traditions in Patagonia, the Amazon, North America, Brazil, Guatemala, Peru, Mexico, and South Africa in order to gnow for herself that we are meant to bow to no outward master, healer, leader, parent, pill, nor politician, but instead should aim to find mastery over self.

Mickaela’s fractal films, live sound healing, and meditations engender profound direct experience for a level of heart coherence that aims to transforms each individual into a healthier cell in the wider organism of humanity—all in deep devotion to earth stewardship and social justice.