MODULE 3: (TQ) Truth Intelligence Quotient

A 4-Day Emotional Intelligence + Meditation Retreat

Module 3 of 5 In-Person Intensives*

*As part of Graceline’s Year-Long EQ Cohort. Participation in Cohort is not required to register for this retreat.

Enter the doorway willingly, between the death and rebirth of ego and identity—in order to truly GNOW thyself more fully, in union and communion with ALL.THAT.IS.

Truth is not finite, concrete, destination-based, nor static—it is alive and holographic. Learn how to devote yourself to truth-seeking itself rather than the act of strong stance, dualistic opposition, enemization, fixed thinking, or concrete “certainty”.

TOT30 Truth Project | An Umbilicus to New Narrative

When Mickaela designed this experiential module for corporate coaching, she thought the big hurdle would be teaching CEOs to take responsibility and “tell the truth” more often—but what was astonishing to realize (and write new curriculum around), is the fact that 80% of their truth journey was about teaching them to RECEIVE the truth. The bigger dilemma was training them to see “all feedback as feedforward”. Additionally, she had to teach them to embrace the Gnostic and Taoist principles of flexibility over certainty, change over rigidity—because nature, water, and the Tao teaches us this:

that which is brittle, breaks.

that which is fluid, bends—

and thereby, evolves.

This module provides the EQ, BQ, and TQ fundamentals that will prepare you for your life-changing GOT30 (Graceline Of Truth) 30-Day Challenge. In this challenge, you must tell the truth for 30 days and if you lie, you start the 30 days over until reaching harmonic completion.

This Camino is bound by confidentiality. You will be assigned an Accountability Partner (AP) from a different town/culture/walk of life to complete your coursework with and you will report to your AP daily to be on a deep and enriching journey with one another.

This retreat includes:

  • Learning more advanced applications of your EQ and BQ skills to prepare you for your rigorous GOT30 TQ-partner journey.
  • Specialized ceremonial practices to rid the body of inauthenticity, secrets, lies, image-crafting, group-mind, stuck stories and generational memory.
  • A profoundly powerful rebirthing ceremony on sacred indigenous land that includes the death of the old and the embodiment of the (chosen) new, including a healing technique to restore the “umbilical intuition” to a helpful sea of ancient wisdom.


SEPTEMBER 14 – 17, 2023 | PARK CITY, UT

Retreat Schedule

Thursday | 6pm – 9pm

Friday | 10am – 9pm

Friday | 10am – 9pm

Sunday | 10am – 1pm

Venue address is sent upon registration.


Retreat Module 1 (Releasing) and Retreat Module 2 (Reframing) are prerequisites for Retreat Module 3 (Rebirthing). Participates must have attended Modules 1 + 2 before attending Module 3.

$1,777 / person*

*Option for on-site accommodations at an extra cost. Contact us for details.

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Full refunds available up to 30 days before event. Non-refundable after (but credits offered for medical emergencies).